The greenhouse effect is the mechanism which defines the role played by the atmosphere in the warming process of the earth’s surface. The radiation emitted by the Sun reaches the Earth, illuminating and heating it. The Earth absorbs solar radiation and sends part of it back upwards in the form of infrared radiation. The atmosphere partially absorbs infrared radiation through the molecules of water vapor, carbon dioxide and other gases, thus sending them back to the Earth. In this way the Earth is heated. This process is in itself a positive process that allows life on our planet. Unfortunately, however, over the years the greenhouse effect has intensified causing temperatures to rise mainly due to the increase in the quantities of CO2 that are released into the atmosphere due to the combustion phenomena of production activities: industrial activities, car exhaust emissions, electricity generation, etc… What can we do?

Energy from renewable sources can be compared to the action of trees: it avoids the production of electricity from combustion and the consequent emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The beneficial effect of renewable energy can be easily understood by comparing the amount of CO2 saved with the number of trees that should have been planted to absorb the same amount of CO2 avoided.

Not only Aurelia Antica Suites & Apartments has decided to install solar panels so to reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, but also decided to create a partnership with Green Future Project: For every confirmed booking € 1 will be donated to Green Future Project to plant a tree. You too can contribute to saving the planet.


Each apartment is equipped with special bins for separate waste collection:

Plastic basket: bottles, pasta bags, bottles of products used for cleaning, ice cream tubs, fruit and vegetable boxes and nets, yoghurt pots and even transparent wrappers of brioches and candies. On the other hand, do not differentiate in the plastic all those waste that have residues of organic materials, for example food that could ferment in the bin, or residues of dangerous substances such as paints and glues. Always remember that all containers must be cleaned, emptied and crushed. Remove any paper labels and in the case of yogurt pots wash them before putting them in the plastic bag.

Glass basket: bottles, glasses, jars. On the other hand, bulbs, neon, mirrors, crystal glasses and pyrex containers should not be placed in the glass bin. Also in this case it is good that the containers are clean and empty: do not insert full or half-full glass bottles in the bin, even if it is only water.

Paper basket: you can recycle newspapers, boxes, well-folded cartons but also notebooks, milk boxes, fruit juices boxes, cereals boxes and cardboard egg trays. Do not throw greasy paper, baking paper and paper plates and cups in the paper bins. Always flatten the boxes and compress the boxes to reduce large packaging into small pieces.

Waste bin: Food leftovers, spoiled foods, fruit peels, tea bags and coffee grounds, dried flowers and paper napkins should instead be placed in the waste container. Don’t forget to put the materials in tightly closed bags before throwing them away.


Cleanliness and sanifications: In order to protect the health of our guests, our employees and to guarantee healthy environments, we inform you that we have implemented all the precautionary and preventive measure as required by current regulations.

Automated system: Locks integrated home automation system to manage access to the apartments and to complete check-in and payment in a safe and easy way. You will be able to open doors and gate by simply using your smartphone and by typing the provided code on the app. The smart access is activated only once check-in are completed and it will be deactivated upon check out.